Astrology Hara

Helping YOU to make sense
of life's ups and downs

What is Astrology?

Need a new direction in your life? A change of job? A new career? Relationship problems? What is the psychological reason behind your illness?

  • ASTROLOGY increases self-understanding and allows you to accept yourself more fully with perspective and detachment.
  • ASTROLOGY enables you to handle conflicts and difficulties by making sense of them. It sees problems and anxieties as potential challenges and opportunities. It finds reasons for them occurring in your life.
  • ASTROLOGY helps you understand your relationships to those with whom you live and work.
  • ASTROLOGY acknowledges cycles of growth and development. It reveals present patterns of growth that needs to be explored.
  • ASTROLOGY and PREDICTION: Astrology cannot predict exactly how the energies will manifest. We attract to us the events we need to develop in a balanced way. An astrologer can define the planetary principles but only YOU can know what is the right path of action for YOU.

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