Personal Analysis

A detailed written analysis. A full Personality Profile is given with particular reference to any problem areas. Trends (Transits) for the past year and the year ahead are also provided. It is based on the Birth Chart (also included) which is a map of the planets' positions at your time of birth. Each planet represents a sub-personality and is interpreted according to Jungian depth psychology. It gives insight into general character traits, mentality, communication skills, emotions, creativity, work, health, finance and relationships including love affairs. By understanding all these parts of ourselves, we are more likely to achieve balance and harmony, thus fulfilling our potential.


Transits (or future trends) are included in the above analysis or can be ordered separately. The present position of the planets is compared to those in the Birth Chart in order to assess your position in regard to life cycles and patterns of growth. Life is likely to be much more satisfying if we co-operate with these inner and outer energies rather than being tossed around on the seas of fate.

Babies and Children

This comprises a written analysis of your child's potential skills and talents, sources of misunderstanding and sensitivities. Invaluable to parents who wish to be aware of their child's unique characteristics. Divided into sections:

  • Birth to six months
  • six-18 months
  • 18 months to three years
  • Three-six years
  • Six-14years
  • 14-18 years
  • As an adult
It includes a section on particular sensitivities relevant to your child to help understand their behaviour patterns on an emotional level. Creative skills, relationships, home, school and health are covered as well as attitudes, ways of seeing life, themselves and others. Parents can then respond in ways helpful to themselves and their children.

Relationship Charts (Synastry)

A written analysis which defines the unconscious dynamics of the partnership. How to exploit areas of compatibility and minimise tension to achieve mutual growth. Chart comparison plus Composite Chart (a midpoint chart of both clients' charts which sums up the reason for the relationship) and Transits (future trends) to the Composite.


A written (e-mail) report on trends for a specific day, week or month. This is very useful in busy, eventful periods of life to help us interact in the best way, make the right decisions and use our skills wisely.

Astro Birth Control

A natural, safe way of planning or avoiding pregancy. All other methods consider only the menstrual cycle. This takes into consideration the more regular Cosmic Fertility Period during which 85 per cent of conceptions occur. It coincides with the angle of the Sun and the Moon at your time of birth. An annual written report of the four days each month when you are at your most fertile.

Elective Astrology

Find the most suitable and auspicious time to start a business, plan a wedding, organise a party, go to the dentist or undergo more invasive surgery. Give yourself the best chance of success by choosing the right moment!

Company Charts

Essential to understand and exploit the potentials of your company. Stay one step ahead of the opposition. The written analysis includes:


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