Celestial Events

The effects of the very challenging Uranus Pluto square is still waning in 2017 but the effects will continue through to 2018 when Uranus moves into Taurus. The last exact square between these planets was in March 2015 but it is still very close and is activated by Jupiter square Pluto at the end of 2016 and August 2018. This indicates sudden radical breakdowns in economic, political and physical infrastructures and may include earthquakes and other geological eruptions.

Jupiter is also opposite Uranus in December 2016 and March & September/October 2017, which may indicate some unexpected uprisings or fiery situations.

Saturn is in Sagittarius until December 2017 (when it moves into Capricorn) and may bring the imposition of rigid, dogmatic religions or political belief systems. Saturn brings restrictions & limitations and Sag is about long-distance travel, religion, higher education and philosophy. So this combination of energies may bring travel restrictions or the demise of major religious institutions that have been compromised or corrupted.

Saturn is trine Uranus in December 2016 (exact on Christmas Day), May and November 2017 and hopefully this will ease the global situation. It will bring us sudden opportunities to make positive changes. It should empower us to bring about more creative solutions to world problems.



Quarantids meteor shower: 3rd-4th January. Above average (40 per hour).

Full Moon: 12th January 11.35 GMT (22.27 Cancer).

New Moon: 28th January 0.08 GMT (8.15 Aquarius).


Full Moon: 11th February 0.34 GMT (22.28 Leo). Penumbral lunar eclipse. The Moon will darken slightly but not completely. Visible in South America, eastern Canada, the Atlantic, Europe, Africa and western Asia.

New Moon: 26th February 14.59 (8.12 Pisces). Annular solar eclipse visible in parts of South America and Africa.


Full Moon: 12th March 14.55 GMT (22.13 Virgo)

Spring Equinox: 20th March 10.30 GMT.

New Moon: 28th March 3.58 BST (7.37 Aries).


Jupiter opposite Earth: 7th April. Jupiter is at its brightest all night long. With good binoculars you should be able to see its four brightest moons. Mercury Retrograde 9th April to 3rd May.

Full Moon: 11th April 7.09 BST (21.331 Libra)

Lyrids Meteor Shower: 22-23 April. Average shower (20 per hour) with bright dust trails. The glare from the full moon will cut out all but the brightest meteors.

New Moon: 26th April 13.17 BST (6.27 Taurus)


Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower: 6-7th May. Light shower (ten per hour). Excellent show this year with dark skies.

Full Moon: 10th May 22.44 BST (20.24 Scorpio).

New Moon: 25th May 20.46 BST (4.47 Gemini).


Venus closest to Earth: 3rd June. Visible above eastern horizon before sunrise.

Full Moon: 9th June 14.11 BST (18.53 Sag).

Saturn closest to Earth: Its rings can be seen in a small telescope all night.

Summer Solstice: 21st June 05.25 BST.

New Moon: 24th June 03.32 BST (2.47 Cancer).


Full Moon: 9th July 5.08 BST (17.09 Capricorn).

New Moon: 23rd July 10.47 BST (0.44 Leo).

Southern Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower: 28-29 July (20 per hour).


Full Moon: 7th August 19.12 BST (15.25 Aquarius). Partial lunar eclipse visible in eastern Africa, central Asia, the Indian Ocean and Australia.

Perseids Meteor Shower: 12-13th August.

Mercury Retrograde: 13th August to 5th September.

New Moon: 21st August 19.31 BST (28.53 Leo).Total solar eclipse visible in the USA. In the UK only 3-5%.


Full Moon: 6th September 08.04 BST (15.33 Pisces)

New Moon: 20th September 06.31 BST (27.27 Virgo).

Autumn Equinox: 22nd September 21.03 BST.


Full Moon: 5th October 19.41 BST (12.43 Aries).

Draconids meteor shower: 7th October. Minor meteor shower.

New Moon: 19th October 20.13 BST (26.35 Libra).

Orionids meteor shower: 21-22nd October. To east after midnight (20per hour).


Full Moon: 4th November 05.24 GMT (11.59 Taurus).

Venus Jupiter conjunction: 13th November. The two brightest planets are extremely close together. Visible in the evening sky just after sunset.

Leonids meteor shower: 17-18th November (40 per hour).

New Moon: 18th November 11.43 (26.19 Scorpio).


Full Moon: 3rd December 15.48 (11.40 Gemini). SUPERMOON.

Mercury Retrograde: 3rd to 23rd December.

Geminids meteor shower: 13-14th December. The best meteor
shower (60+ per hour) to east after midnight.

New Moon: 18th December 6.32 (26.31 Sag).

Saturn moves into Capricorn: 20th December.

Winter Solstice: 21st December 16.29 GMT.