Your personal astrologer

BELOW you will find a list of the various services on offer through this site, together with my contact details.

ASTRO-ANALYSIS Full personality profile plus trends for the year ahead £80
TRANSITS Trends for the past few years and the year ahead in detail £50
HARASCOPE A written report on trends for a specific day, week or month £1 per day
SYNASTRY Understand your relationships by discovering reasons for compatibility and tension £80
BABIES & CHILDREN Sensitivities and potential sources of misunderstanding £80
ASTRO BIRTH CONTROL Fertility dates for the year ahead £50
ELECTIVE ASTROLOGY Find the best time to plan an event £50
COMPANY CHARTS Stay one step ahead of the competition – image, growth, potential, goals, when to expand or diversify, resources and internal structure £negotiable

Most of the above include a computer-drawn Birth Chart

Birth Charts without analysis:

  • Computer-drawn Birth Chart: £5
  • Hand-drawn Birth Chart: £10

To order or discuss any of the above services, either:

  • CONTACT ME by e-mail
  • Or telephone me on: (+44) 07530 352 674